Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goat Cheese and Leek Tart

Sometimes the "same ole same ole" just doesnt cut it anymore. Want to try something beautiful and fancy but easy as well for brunch or dinner?

Then, I have to suggest that you try this lovely goat cheese and leek tart. It is creamy, tangy, crunchy, buttery and has a hint of sweetness from the carmelized leeks rounding out an amazing explosion of flavor in your mouth!

Pillsbury Puff Pastry Dough, thawed
Goat cheese
Milk or Cream
Olive Oil
Leeks - washed, soaked and sliced white and light green portions

Step by Step Instructions with yummy pictures!

Saute Leeks in olive oil until soft and glistening

Gorgeous and smells amazing!

Roll out the thawed puff pastry dough into a large rectange.
Bake puff pastry according to package directions. It will become one big "puff"

Then with a spoon collapse the center of the puff pastry

Mix goat cheese, herbs salt, pepper and a little cream or milk together for
a nice creamy consistency. 

Spread out a thin layer of goat cheese mixture onto puff pastry.
Then spread the leeks onto that layer
Finish off with crumbles of goat cheese on top

Place back in the oven until the crumbled goat cheese becomes slightly brown.
Then cut and enjoy!