Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Flowers!

Its been a long, dreary winter.

I dont remember looking forward to Spring so much! To welcome Spring I whipped up a simple but delicious batch of flower sugar cookies with icing. For "leaves" I dyed the dough with a bit of food coloring and used a mini heart shaped cookie cutter. Turn the green hearts upside down and they look like leaves! : j

I found a simple great recipe from all recipes:

The icing was just as simple! You need two different consistencies of icing 1. piping icing which is a bit thicker and is used to outline the cookies. and 2. flooding icing which is used to fill in the outlines made by the piping icing. 

I love youtube and found a wonderful "how-to" video on icing cookies. 

Here it is: 

cookies and cold, yummy milk! 


  1. Wowowowoo, Jas these look so pretty , you have done an amazing job on these . Have you seen Abeer's at work , she has some amazing cookie art there , if you haven't , have a look .

  2. It has been such a dreary winter but your cookies are absolutely perfect! I think I'll try them this weekend...we could use a little spring around here!

  3. These are so pretty, I'm envious of your piping and frosting skill.

  4. They are so beautiful. I also love your heart-leaves: great idea! All your photos are so cheerful, too.

  5. wow, what a great cookie decorations, and video was a nice touch..i love it!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. These are the cutest cookies ever!

  7. OHHH son preciosas ...ideales
    saludos desde España

  8. Simply beautiful. I adore the cheery colors! So nice~

  9. These are sooo pretty!!!! Another beautiful creation! To let you know how much I appreciate your blog, I have an award for you... you can find it here:
    Have a great day!

  10. This looks like a perfect thing to do as a "pre-game" for a tea party. Lovely colors!